Arna léiriú ag | by
I gcomhpháirt leis | in association with An Taibhdhearc
cruthaithe ag | created by Breandán de Gallaí

Galway International Arts Festival at An Taibhdhearc


An Taibhdhearc
11 – 20 July 7.30pm
Matinée 20 July | no show 14 July
Tickets €25 / €20 concessions | Previews €20ómae

What the critics say about Ériu
“superb: a must-see full-on theatrical show … intensely moving … technically brilliant …breathtaking”
The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

“Tender and brave”
Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

‘She is like a mad woman … a mad woman who is seeking everywhere for lovers’
Ériu’s unique production of Salomé is a dance and Irish language interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s classic. Visually compelling, the show is a commentary on the brutality of evilness and on the vulnerability of the human condition. Through the voice, body, and music, which are seamlessly united, each inciting and arousing the other, de Gallaí has created a dance work that is at once beautiful and terrifying.
Leagan Gaeilge agus gluaiseachta atá sa léiriú úrnua seo de shárdhráma Oscar Wilde, Salómae. Léiriú éachtach agus físiúil é ina n-úsáidtear téamaí atá fós ábhartha sa lá atá inniu ann chun brúidiúlacht an olcais a phlé agus an leochaileacht dhaonna a chur i láthair. Chruthaigh de Gallaí saothar damhsa atá galánta agus scéiniúil ag an am céanna. Tá an glór, an corp agus an ceol fite fuaite lena chéile, iad uilig ag gríosú agus ag dúiseacht na gceann eile.
Taibhiú Gaeilge le fortheidil Bhéarla | Performed in Irish with English surtitles

Breandán de Gallaí

Joe O’Byrne & Breandán de Gallaí

Ériu Cast
Sarah Fennell – Salómae
Siobhán Manson – Héaróidias
John FitzGerald – Ióchánán
Breandán de Gallaí – Héaród
Odhrán McLaughlin – An Siriach Óg
Dane McKiernan – Giolla Héaróidias
Yuki Nomiya
Ciara Callanan-Ryan
Callum Spencer
Lianna Stubbs

Composer / Soundtrack Arranger
Fiachra Ó Corragáin
Photographic Artist
Declan English
Lighting Designer
Tim Feehily
Costume and Set Design
Declan English & Breandán de Gallaí
Production Manager & Set Builder
Darach Ó Ruairc
Stage Manager
Reuben Cummins


Lïnger 2016

Linger was shortlisted for A Total Theatre & The Place Award for Dance at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

“Linger is superb: a must-see full-on theatrical show … intensely moving … technically brilliant … breathtaking”
Stephanie Green & Mark Harding, The Skinny 2016, 5-STAR RATING

“De Gallaí is pushing and playing with his inherited language in ways I’ve never seen before in Irish dance, and in the process exposing aspects of himself and his dance career with a seriousness that feels both tender and brave.”
Judith Mackrell, The Guardian 2016

“In one moment there is defiance and power … a proud living in the present. But there is also repression … a closed-eye uncertainty and vulnerability to outside forces. Linger skilfully manages these contradictory tensions that lie at the heart of human identity.” 
Michael Seaver, Irish Times 2016

“Powerful, tender and achingly beautiful”
Chris O’Rourke Irish Examiner 2016

Aon 2017

“I and my companions were left stunned by the intense creative spirit that brought this fine work of art to fruition – de Gallaí, artistic director and choreographer of Ériu, caresses, shapes and anchors the Irish dance motif in an exhilarating universal language of music and movement.”
Sean Hillen,

“half-way between genius and madness”
Sean Hillen,

“The bare foot sequences are the most beautiful of all, accentuating the duality between the vulnerability on the one hand, and the incredible strength and speed on the other, of the dancers.” Ellie O’Byrne, Irish Examiner

“De Gallaí’s use of the ensemble was impressive throughout, with the movement taking the dancers across the stage like groups of geese in flight — organized, powerful and a joy to watch.”
David Wallace, Dance Magazine International

Noċtú 2012

Noċtú was nominated for 2 Drama Desk Awards New York – Outstanding Choreography & Unique Theatrical Experience 2012

“With his new show Noċtú, Irish dance director and choreographer Breandán de Gallaí has created arguably the most challenging Irish dance work ever seen on a New York stage.”
Cahir O’Doherty Irish Voice, New York

“A superb blending of dance and human emotions, Noċtú is one of the best shows of the 2011-2012 season and one that should definitely be seen by all – and as many times as possible.”
Judd Hollander Stagebuzz, New York