Múscailt: Clown Cabaret

Múscailt-Clown Cabaret

Night of the Living Clown/Oíche Clown Bheo/Noc Zivih Klaunova

This is a Red Nose Clown Cabaret researched and devised in Croatia and in Ireland on the theme of Hallowe’en and all things scary. Collaboration/European Exhange between Triko Cirkus Teatar and NUI Galway organised by the Arts & Theatre Office (Múscailt). Written and directed by Lee DeLong. Featuring Croatian and Irish performers and traditional Irish musicians in Irish début at An Taibhdhearc 27,28 and 1 March

Clown is the most authentic of all the theatre styles. Since your clown is really you, there are no masks to hide behind and no lies can be told. Clown is the search for what is human. To search for your own clown is to search for the artist’s SELF, the very material that the artist uses as an actor -even though when clowning, there is no acting.

Getting in touch with this naivety, this basic honesty, is essential to all actors. Losing the fear of being ridiculous is a great step for an actor to take and his work is enriched by that step forever afterwards. The clown has no past and no future so he exists only in THE MOMENT, which is a basic principle of all good acting skills.


Ainm: Múscailt: Clown Cabaret
Dataí: 27 Feb, 28 Feb, 1 Mar 2014

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