Oscar Wilde Festival Galway

Oscar Wilde Festival Galway

Oscar Wilde Festival Galway returns for its second year this September. From September 5-7, the festival will provide a host of insights into his life and work from speakers from Galway, UK and the US as well as supporting new Irish writing inspired by Wilde.

On Saturday September 6, the festival will be in An Taibhdhearc. This is a significant move for the festival as the theatre has strong connections with Wilde through the writer and performer Micheal Mac Liammoir, who hosted the first play at the venue and went on to perform his one man show to huge acclaim titled The Importance of Being Oscar.

Saturday’s events will begin at 12 noon with a talk on Wilde Today: what do we think of Wilde today and how has his reputation stood the test of time. This will be the question posed to three speakers; Dr David Clare from NUI Galway, John Cooper from New York and owner of Oscar Wilde in America and Patricia Leventon, acclaimed actress from the UK.

At 4pm, American writer and documentary historian, John Cooper will deliver what promises to be a fascinating talk about Wilde and Dress. Wilde used how he dressed to such huge impact during his lifetime and was one of the first to do so. A letter Wilde wrote titled The Philosophy of Dress was rediscovered by Mr Cooper in 2012. Confirmed by Merlin Holland, Wilde’s grandson as an original, this letter is a fascinating insight into Wilde’s dress sense. In this talk, Mr Cooper will explore the influences, trends, characters and source material that informed Wilde’s relationship with dress, an unappreciated aspect of his life to date.

Saturday’s events will conclude with a show about one of the most important women in Wilde’s life – his mother. At 8pm, Patricia Leventon, an acclaimed actress from the UK will perform her show Lady Wilde. The Belfast Telegraph described the show as “a portrayal of the life of Lady Wilde with an imaginative and informative style. The show provides great insight into Oscar’s life and the influence of his mother.”
Festival founder and director, Sandra Coffey said: “The festival has a lot to offer this year. It will look at what we think of Wilde today, how he used dress to his advantage and the huge influence his mother had on him. Yet again, we explore his west of Ireland links through Eva O’Flaherty and debut new Irish writing inspired by Wilde. Tickets are again reasonably priced and we hope that people will come and enjoy the weekend.”

Ainm/Name: Oscar Wilde Festival Galway
Dataí/Dates: 6 Sept 2014

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