The Course

Brendan O’Carroll’s ‘The Course’

Presented by the Malthouse Players

“The Course” is a riotous 3-Act comedy: fast-moving and with a motley collection of characters, the show is a treat, packed with the sharp one-liners and awkward situations which are the hallmark of O’Carroll’s quirky take on day-to-day life in modern Ireland.

Audience reactions to the show include….“That was the best laugh I had in years!”….“This play is a tonic!”… “I must see it again!”…

The setting is a Hotel, somewhere in Ireland. Joe Daly is the instructor on Major Accident Insurance (plc) course for door-to-door sales persons. His 100% pupil success rates in graduation exams bring Group Controller Burt Rubenstein from US headquarters to investigate. Given an ultimatum to have 70% pass rate under Burt’s supervision, Joe struggles to meet the challenge as the next class are a bunch of “losers” – a husband-pecked wife, an alcoholic, a prostitute, Tony Short an unassertive father, an unwilling farmer’s son and a movie-mad fantasist. When Tony accidentally discovers the real purpose of Burt’s attendance at the course, he informs the others and in Week Two, “The Course” takes on a new direction as the class (and Joe) unite to send Rubenstein packing!

The Mountbellew-based group was founded in 1992 and with an established reputation as comedy specialists, can boast of two All-Ireland One-Act amateur drama titles under their belt – 1997 What’s for Pudding and 2006 The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish, both from the pen of David Tristam. More recent productions have included A Wake in the West, Sive, Moll, Unforgiven and The Lonesome West. Malthouse Players have a particular affinity with “The Course” as they the first company to secure amateur rights, back in 1997: after the performance, Brendan O’Carroll himself said, “I was never so proud of my work!”

Ainm/Name: The Course
Dataí/Dates: 21-22 Nov 2014

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