Technical specification

Details about the Theatres Technical Specifications

STÁITSE & AMHARCLANN – Stage & Auditorium

  • Proscenium Arch  [Width 9.6m Height 3.6m]
  • Stage Area  10.5m wide x 6.7m deep [Maximum estimated width with Legs in place 8m]
  • 147 Seats (raked)
  • 3 Discharge flood lights and 2 Flourescents wall mounted for stage work [switched from stage right]
  • Stage left and stage right independently accessible from Green Room
  • Green Room consists of one central communal area with kitchen facilities and two dressing rooms adjoining, with toilet and shower in each.
  • Access to Green Room from Foyer, stage left and stage right.
  • Video Monitoring – FoH centered and ceiling mounted CCTV camera relayed to Green Room LG monitor


  • 1 Grand drape/Main curtains motorised winch operated from stage right and/or control room
  • 8 Side masking curtains (Legs)  1.5m x 5m tied to swivel actions
  • 4 Overhead masking borders  8m x 1.5m
  • 1 Pair of intermediate trailer curtains
  •  1 Sky Drop (Cyc) finished white

TREALAMH SOILSITHELighting equipment

Control Desk          ETC Element Lighting Control Console

Dimmers                 96 Circuits on 4x 24 channel Chilli Pro Dimmers

Stage Lighting Circuits    16amp C17 Sockets

3 FoH Lx Lighting Bars:

FoH 1           channels 1 – 12 [electrical winch]

FoH 2           channels 13 – 18 [fixed]

FoH 3           channels 19 – 24 [fixed]

2 Horizontal Fixed Side Boom:

Boom to Stage Right  25 – 30

Boom to Stage Left   31 – 36

4 Lx (fly) Bars: [Electrical winch operated from stage]

Lx1              channels 37 – 48

Lx2              channels 49 – 60

Lx3              channels 61 – 72

Lx4              channels 73 – 84

Stage Circuits Independent of Lx Bars:

Stage Left        3 low level wall mounted sockets  (92/93/94)

 2 high level wall mounted sockets  (90/91)

Stage Right      3 low level wall mounted sockets  (87/88/89)

 2 high (fly gantry) rail mounted sockets (85/86)


Lantern Stock

20  Par 64’s (Par Cans)

10  Strand CODA 1000 Backdrop/Cyc lights

4   Strand Quartet F Spotlights

6   Strand Cantata F Spotlights

3   Source 4  26 degree lens

1   Source 4  50 degree lens

10  Source 4  Zoom 25-50 degree lens

1   Source 4  Zoom 15-30 degree lens



1  Dynacord CMS 2200 Compact Mixing System

4  Q4 Audio  PTH9  2x900W Professional Power Amps

1  dbx  223xl  stereo 2-way/mono 3-way crossover

2  D.A.S  Sub 15  FoH  Bass Reflex Sub Woofer System

2  EV Sx300  FoH Two Way Compact Speaker System

2    EV Sx80    Two Way Compact Speaker System [Cyc wall mounted] [Aux]

1  Audac Com3    Stage Mic/Paging Mic/Green Room

1  Panasonic DVD/Video  CD/CD Player


1  Sony ATRAC DSP Type R

1  Marantz Stereo Double Cassette Deck SD555

AVX Induction Loop System [Hearing Aid Users]

2 NEC Projector

1  ROTEL Surround Sound Processor RSP-1066 [CINEMA]

4       EV ZLX – 12P active 1000w Monitors

3   Sennheiser e825 S Microphones & Boom Mic Stands

  • Access to auditorium, stage area and facilities by arrangement with Theatre Manager and Technical Manager only.
  • Loading from front of theatre only via left side entrance (max opening 0.90m/max height 2.2m)
  • Loading times and parking by arrangement with Tech Manager. All areas of theatre building strictly ‘No Smoking’
  • An Taibhdhearc Theatre requires that all Technical Operatives, Touring Companies, Performers, Technical Equipment and Props adhere to Health and Safety and Fire Safety standards established in law and by the theatre’s code of practice.
  • An Taibhdhearc reserve the right to refuse any aspect of a performance deemed to be inconsistent or at odds with the theatre’s safety policies.
  • On entering the theatre please take time to identify Fire Exits, Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers and Escape Routes. You are welcome to ask the technical manager for a walk-through with regard to these details relevant to your safety and the safety of all other personnel using the theatre.